Platform Republicans

GOP Auxiliary

Our Purpose

To build a more prosperous Utah by promoting candidates, and policies, consistent with free enterprise, private initiative, volunteerism, and other values of the Utah State Republican Party Platform.


    1. Members of the organization must be registered Republicans in the State of Utah.
    2. Platform Republicans officers are elected bi-annually by membership vote.
    3. Officer terms are two years beginning one week after a successful vote.
    4. Officer terms shall be limited to three consecutive terms.
    5. Officers will include Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary.
    6. Officer vacancies may be filled by appointment if unanimous consent of remaining officers can be obtained, otherwise an election must be held to replace an officer.
    1. All organization members are eligible to vote who have attended at least one of the previous three quarterly meetings. Any members attending the first meeting on June 6, 2019 shall be credentialed if they meet the membership guidelines.
    2. Vote for Platform Republicans officers must happen at least one month prior to the first SCC meeting that follows the State Organizing Convention; with exception of the first meeting on June 6, which is exempt from this rule.
    3. A minimum quorum of 25 credentialed members is required to hold an election.
    4. Winning candidates need a majority vote of credentialed members.
    5. Default voting method shall be paper ranked-choice voting, and shall be anonymous vote. This method may be changed with majority vote of voting members present.
    6. No proxy voting is permitted. Each credentialed member present may only have one vote on any given race.
    7. A list of members credentialed for the election of new officers shall be provided to the Utah State Republican Party Executive Committee as required by the State Party’s bylaws.
    1. Prior to every first Utah State Republican Party SCC meeting that follows the State Party Organizing Convention, the Platform Republicans chair shall petition the SCC for acceptance as an official Utah State Republican Party auxiliary with voting rights on the SCC and Executive Committee, in accordance with the Utah State Republican Party Bylaws.
    2. The Platform Republicans Chair shall represent the party at any meeting required by the Utah State Republican Party in order to maintain the auxiliary’s good standing in that organization.
    1. The Platform Republicans will meet quarterly, with a minimum of four meetings per calendar year.
    2. A minimum quorum of ten voting members is required for any business, or votes, to take place.
    3. If fewer than 10 voting members attend a regularly-scheduled meeting, a ‘mulligan’ meeting shall be designated by the chair to ensure good standing with the Utah State Republican Party.
    4. If, during any calendar quarter, the Platform Republicans are unable to hold a regularly-scheduled meeting, as directed in these bylaws, with a minimum of 10 voting members present, the chair shall be dismissed at midnight of the last day of that quarter and replaced by the vice-chair, or by the secretary if the vice-chair is unwilling or unable.
    5. The Chair shall call the meeting, and ensure it is called with adequate notice as determined below.
    6. If the chair is unable or unwilling to call a quarterly meeting, the vice-chair shall call that meeting the final week of the quarter in question. In this instance, notice requirements are shortened to 24-hours.
    7. Notice of the quarterly meetings shall be a minimum of seven days, and shall be provided to all members who have attended at least one meeting of the previous four meetings. Notice may be provided via written electronic or paper communication. A record must be kept for a minimum of 90 days of this communication.
    8. The secretary shall take minutes and provide, at minimum, for approval at the next regularly-scheduled meeting. Minutes shall be archived and saved in perpetuity. Electronic record shall be sufficient.
    9. 20 or more active members may call a special meeting at any time with minimum 14 days’ notice in writing as specified in 4(d).